Advisory Ministries
PHONE: 973-824-6548 ~ FAX: 973-624-6030

Advisory Ministries

Advisory Board
The Advisory Board is comprised of faithful and trusted members of the Parish who meet with the Pastor upon his request . They advise and counsel him on serious matters that may arise within the Parish and make recommendations accordingly.

Finance Council
The Finance Council is comprised of trustees, finance and accounting professionals who offer their expertise in advising the Pastor on financial matters concernibg the Parish. They are consultative in nature and meet quarterley to review budget plans and reports. They make suggestions and recommendations on financial matters to the Pastor and Parish Council. Our church Trustees are: Stephanie Williams and Mr. Homer Mosely, Council Chairperson: Mrs. Yanielle Roberts

Liturgy Committee
Our Parish Liturgy Planning Committee is comprised of a representative from each liturgical ministry coming together on a monthly basis. The group, interested in increasing the spirituality of the assembly, plan all liturgical celebrations. Our mission includes the use of the diverse talents of each ministry to create spirit filled celebrations tailored to the cultural needs in this Roman Catholic community.
Coordinator - Ms. Merilyn Smith

Parish Council
The Parish Council is a ministerial community consisting of a representative from each ministry that reflects the mission of Jesus. The Council meets monthly to discern a vision of Parish life in the areas of the Word, Worship, Service and Community building. They provide ministerial support for each ministry, create new ways to do ministry and submit recommendations to the Pastor for evaluation.
Chairperson : Mr. Donovan Green